Sunday, January 10, 2010

New cool camera

I got a really nice D-SLR for Xmas this year. My new camera is a Nikon D90, and it is a work of art in itself! This camera has so many features I'm not sure if I'll ever know how to use them all! I have not yet taken a ton of photos, because I still mess up the settings (I'm so lame) and end up with slow shutter speeds that over expose, or some other dumb thing. Time to take a class, me thinks!


The type of photography I like to do is composite panoramic, which relies heavily on post processing. I take 25 to 30 photos of a wide area of a subject (mostly I like the sunset at my beach) and then take the individual images into PhotoShop. There I knit together
the separate images to create one rather huge image. Above is my first composite taken with my cool new camera. I took about 20 shots, about 8 or 9 were used. The final image dimensions, with a white border, ended up being about 12"h x 48"w. I hope I can find a place to print it- that won't break the bank! I have a few other panoramics on my Flickr photostream, go check them out if you have a minute.


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