Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day continues- laboriously

Labor Day weekend is our way of celebrating these last few days of glorious warmth. We frolic like it's 1999. Some people get really out of hand. Burning Man, which I have always thought would be fun to attend, is a great place for people to go nuts. It is a party of epic proportions to celebrate art and its creators. (I'm putting this in for the handful of people who have not heard of it) Google "Burning Man" and prepare to be dazzled by the myriad factions of kooks, cults, ravers and loners. I understand that in the past few years it has exploded into a Desert Disneyland of Chaos. Oh, and admission is up to $350 for the week-and don't forget your 150 gallons of water.

This year some "performance artist" burned The Man right out of the gate. What his "piece" may have been in reference to I'm not certain, "impulse control and the arsonist in everyone"? I'm just spitballin' here.
I understand that many artists to refuse to apologize for, or to curtail their creativity in consideration of society- however they should be prepared to have their asses kicked in the name of angry mob performance art. It seems the aforementioned performance (pron. "jerk-off") artist is a self-styled Hunter S. Thompson wannabe. I think that if you really were channeling HST, taking some Vicodin and laying down for a nice little overdose would be more appropriate. Burning The Man, when it was not his art to burn is, to me, unconscionable.
I say kick the m-f**ker's ass all the way across the Nevada desert and leave him to rot in Utah.

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