Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hey I found my blog!

I thought that I had bookmarked the thing, but somehow, no, that didn't work. Then I couldn't be bothered to go searching for it- for like a year or so. Then finally I said to myself, "Girl, you left that poor little blog just standing out there alone in the cold dark internet! Go find it and bring it home!"

At that point I found out that Blogger had changed hands, and that I would have to reclaim the thing thru a form process- serves me right.

So now I have reclaimed my original blog. This is my personal crap, different from the other crap I do. My other blog, which I just recently started, deals with the Better Beatles- my old band- with Jay Rosen, Kurt Magnuson and Dave Nordin. That blog is on Yahoo 360. If you are curious you can drop by and check it out at 360.yahoo.com/better_beatles.

The one complaint I have regarding that site is that it has kind of wonky email connections between the public page and the user interface. I sent out a load of invitations (don't feel bad if you didn't get one- I probably got just your address wrong) and none of them show up in my better_beatles@yahoo.com mail box, neither do replies. They show up only when I access said mail features thru the blog edit page or within the public page format. Well I suppose that's why they call it "beta".
The upside is that all emails come thru on my phone just fine. "Hooray" for small conveniences!

I guess this entry into my still sniveling long-lost personal-blog is about the stuff that bugs me about my other blog. Rather stupid eh? Well I never did have high hopes for this thing. What can I say, we geminis are a fragmented bunch- at best.



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