Monday, August 17, 2009

Lindstrom Pliers

I published this review on Amazon. I am also posting it here for my students.

4.0 out of 5 stars
Caveat Emptor!, August 17, 2009
By J. Psmith (Oxnard, CA United States) - See all my reviews
Although the stock photos for this coveted brand of pliers shows a Box joint- recognized as a mark of quality- Lindstrom RX series pliers are now being manufactured with a Lap joint. This fact is mentioned in the seller's description, but many other sellers omit this fact.

I was stunned when I received a set from Fire Mountain and thought I had been sold counterfeit goods. I contacted Lindstrom and they checked out my tools personally. (In the US Lindstrom is represented by Snap-On Tools.) The Marketing Manager, Mike Billings, assured me that the goods were genuine. He was very nice about explaining the changes and I really feel Lindstrom still stands behind their tools.

It seems that Lindstrom Tools has moved its manufacturing to Spain and France, and this has coincided with a design change. They claim that the new design is as stable as the original Box type joint, but that the Lap joint will allow for replacement of damaged tips. While I don't doubt the replacement claim, I do question joint stability.
Since I only recently purchased the RX set, I will have to work with them for a while to determine the quality aspects of the "improved" design. I was saddened to see a fine quality company move its manufacturing toward the cheaper end of the manufacturing spectrum, I guess this is the way of the business world :[ At least it didn't go straight to China!
If you are buying Lindstrom Pliers, be prepared for the design change. You will still find the RX have the wonderful grips that characterize the line. They are very nice to my hands, I think anyone that works with pliers a lot will appreciate the comfort. Only time will tell if the durability of the tool is still built into these legendary pliers.



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